Why New Way’s Different

It’s all about what’s fair and what’s not fair!logo-png

Do you think sales commissions are fair as they are?

             Do you think you should pay so much in commission –

             and pay more if your property sells at a higher price?

Well, I don’t!   Particularly when – in this digital age all the advertising and marketing is the same!

When……     The agent’s work load is the same

When……     The costs are the same

When……     Adverts are posted on the same real estate websites

And…….       Because of this digital age, a real estate agency has

                no need for a shop front presence.

logo-pngSo….at New Way Home Sales you will pay $5500 – at settlement – for any sale – whereas the majority of the industry will charge a percentage (up to 3.5%) of the ultimate sale price – which means the equation is skewed very much in favour of the real estate agent and not the seller.

Buyers today may visit a particular location, a city, a suburb, or a regional centre and if their interest is piqued at that point, they may hover at a ‘shop front’ display window to get a sense of property prices in the area, but more importantly, they will look at what the location has to offer and then go home and search the internet – at their leisure – for a property to suit their needs.  Hence the reason why a physical shop front is unnecessary in this digital age. It all happens on the Net!

This is not to say there is no place for real estate agents. I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought that was the case. In my opinion, a real estate agent’s necessary qualifications (apart from a license, of course) are many fold.

They MUST know – and hopefully love – the area in which they do business. The importance of this CANNOT be underestimated – because it’s rarely just a particular property that excites a buyer.  It’s the location of the property, and therefore a really good agent will know,that to sell a particular property, they must first sell the location. 

They must be able to create clear, bright, realistic and engaging advertisements. Their advert description must tell an honest story about the property for sale.

Their knowledge of this area of contract law and the Real Estate and Business Agent’s Act must be strong and dependable.

They must be able to coordinate and supervise the entire sale to settlement process – which at times can be fraught with hurdles. And

They must be able to build worthwhile relationships with both the seller and the potential buyers.

Therefore… our agency will have no infrastructure costs buried in the sales commission to pass on to a seller, advertising will be the industry standard PLUS MORE – and those sellers able to work in partnership with the agent will have an added financial benefit.

So Who’s Barb Dadd?

A lot changed for me one clear pre-Spring day 16 years ago when I drove to the gorgeous little regional village of Toodyay to visit a friend. Hard to admit now, but until that day I didn’t even know Toodyay existed. And that’s coming from a 5th generation West Australian born in Kellerberrin!

What struck me most that day as I neared the Toodyay-Northam Road turnoff were my two favourite colours flashing like New York City neon signs. There was a brilliant yellow-flowering crop of Canola cozying up to an equally gorgeous bright purple paddock of Patterson’s Curse! It could be asked now in retrospect; was this a sign, this gay profusion of colour reaching out to each other across a long barbwire fence?

One thing it did immediately teach me though was that Spring is simply not long enough in Toodyay! Its beauty is beguiling. Everywhere I looked, a green and colourful undulating landscape was ablaze with acres and acres of dandelions – so reminiscent of my childhood.Toodyay Country Living

Then, of course there was the town’s curvy ‘high street’ bathed in that warm spring sun. It was a Saturday morning, and the little rural village was bustling with an eclectic population of Saturday morning shoppers, coffee takers, and kids. There and then I thought, I don’t think it can get better than this for me.

Then, here in Toodyay four years ago, I discovered real estate in a commercial sense. It’s been a way to earn a living, yes. But it’s given me far, far more than that. I know Toodyay backwards now, the gullies and twists and turns. I know a lot of the people, the history … and I know the potential of this historic little town tucked away and somewhat hidden from view.


I’m here now though – in this NEW WAY space – because I know there’s a better, fairer way of helping people buy and sell their real estate, logo-pngand I’d like to share the benefits of buying and selling and living in this delightful part of the world with everyone.


BUT….because of our unique business model, New Way Home Sales can help you sell your property anywhere.



What Makes Toodyay Special

Many people in this highly technological age are seeking a more simplistic lifestyle.   But for those who have the frenetic energy of a city and suburbs written into their DNA, it’s hard for them to imagine community based village life – which so perfectly defines the historically colonial town of Toodyay. 





CLICK HERE for a comprehensive guide to just what our village – now considered to be an outer suburb of Perth – has to offer.

It’s for all these reasons,  if I had my time over again, I would choose to bring my kids up here. Why? Because the air’s clean… Their play ground is not restricted to a tiny 100sqm suburban back yard…. The stars are brighter than anywhere else in WA… And the community keeps them safe.


This page will continue to grow as information is gathered, and eventually house (as a one-stop-shop) all things related to Toodyay.




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